Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gula Stevia- Pemanis Kehidupan Anda secara Semulajadi (vesri Bahasa Inggeris)

SteviaSugar Corporation - Sweeten your life naturally!

For centuries, stevia leaves have been used effectively by the Guarani indians to sweeten their teas. Now, you can too!

SteviaSugar Corporation is a specialist in Stevia; we offer stevia in many forms for end consumers, as extracts, cut leaves and tea.

Stevia has the following benefits:

- Control blood sugar level by its zero calorie properties

- Control body weight

- Lowers high blood pressure

- Beneficial for mouth and teeth care

- Reduces sweet cravings and tobacco addiction

SteviaSugar Corporation develops a special stevia hybrid namely Stebiana Stevia that has the sweetest taste available in the market.

With Stebiana Stevia, rest assured that you get the sweetest, most delicious stevia taste.

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